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Building Your New Home

Integrity Building Services are experts in building new homes

Building a new home can be very daunting ...

Can you build your new home using just a builder?  How do you prepare the site for your new home properlly?   How do you choose an architect or find plans for your home?  How can you position the house best for the sun and privacy?  Who is going to do the plumbing, electrics and fittings?  Does your new home come with a reliable guarantee?  Do you need to hire a building inspector once the home is built?  How much is your new home going to cost you?  What is resource consent?  What other consents do you need to build a new home?   How can you be sure that you will get a quality new home?......the questions go on and on......even the energizer bunny would find it hard to keep up.

And the last thing you want is for your new home build experience to leave you and your family never wanting to even see it again!

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The team at Integrity Building Services will simplify EVERYTHING for you. Just one meeting with our Building Manager will put all your worries at ease. There will be no jargon or building lingo, everything will be explained to you in everyday language. We will be with you from Concept to Completion, that is our motto, our firm promise.

Here is a list of things you might find helpful when planning your new home:

Step 1 : The Neighbourhood
Research the area that you plan to build your new home. Look at the school zones, primary health care and clinics, a convenient retail area for supermarkets and cafes, playgrounds, access to motorways, traffic noise, future development plans and anything that you like to see in your neighbourhood. Sometimes it might be helpful to talk to your potential new neighbours...

Step 2 : The Money
Talk to your bank or mortgage broker, figure out how much you can afford and need to borrow and how much deposit you may require. Speak to your bank manager or research mortgage brokers for your best options.

Step 3 : The Idea
Start planning your new home build with the ideas already in your head. You will probably have a good idea of what you want and how you want your new home to look like. Sketch out floor plans and gather ideas and photos of designs that you want.

Step 4 : The Design/Architect
Find an architect to put your new home ideas on paper. We would ideally like to work alongside your chosen architect as it will make your house building and functionality much closer and seamless. We advise you to look through home design magazines to search for inspirations and reference material for designs and architectural firms. At Integrity Building Services, we work alongside an award winning architectural firm that we can recommend to you as a starting point.

Step 5 : The Builder
Choosing a building company is the most crucial part of a new home. A good, reliable, experienced and knowledgeable builder is the key to a properly built home that is safe, warm and will last for decades. Make a shortlist of builders with good new home experience, and ask them for tenders, quotes and references. Make sure they can work within your deadlines, designs and budgets. Choose the subcontractors if necessary. Often a good building company will have their own trusted subcontractors to simlify the process for you..

Step 6 : The Contract
Ensure before any work begins on your new home, that you have a signed written contract from your builder. Ensure you have documents detailing their guarantee, insurance, payment schedules and other important issues. You may need to hire your own lawyer to ensure your best interest is upheld in the contract.

Step 8 : The Construction
Once work begins on your new home, keep in constant contact with the building company, ensure deadlines and budgets are kept in order. A good building company should have a structured communication process to ensure that you are kept well informed on the progress of your hew home.

Step 9 : The Completion
Make the final inspection of your new home yourself. You may also want to hire an independent inspector who can verify the more technical aspects. Ensure that you are completely satisfied with the workmanship of your new home. It is well within your right to ensure that what you have asked for is completed satisfactorily.

Step 10 : The Greens
Consider landscaping the area around the house to improve and enhance the aesthetics of your new home, it will also add value to the property. But do consider your commitment to the landscaping. Are you a green thumb that loves to tend your gardens or do you want something that is low maintenance? Remember, having lots of flower and plants may look good, but do you enjoy picking up all those dead leaves and flower petals... maintaning an extensive landscape can sometimes be hardwork.

Building a new home has never been easier than with Integrity Building Services. Let us manage it all for you - from concept to completion. We have the experience and knowledge in providing you with sound advice and delivering to you a high quality new home that you and your family will love to live in.

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