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Repairing Your Leaky Home

Integrity Building Services are the specialists in repairing leaky homes

  • What is leaky home syndrome?
  • How do you know that you have a house that is leaking?
  • What are the dangers of a leaky home?
  • How can you repair your leaky home?

A leaky home is any house that can leak when it rains, causing the internal framework (which is mainly timber) to rot.

Rot in turn weakens the structural integrity of the house. The problem can be worsened and accelerated if the house was not built to provide adequate air circulation and ventilation to allow for the trapped water and moisture to dry up and evaporate. The leaking water will seep into the framework and gradually rot it away and be an agent for moulds to grow causing respiratory and other health problems, also damaging interiors and curtains etc.

WER_stripoff_141207_007.jpgNote that even when dried out, the rot can continue to spread, as it is a living thing - a mould or a fungus.  So if not treated immediately, more good wood can become infected.

Building methods and materials that were not suitable for the New Zealand weather conditions are the primary cause of a leaky home. Problems with certain architectural designs on the exterior of the house can also be a major contributing factor to a leaky home, as some designs do not allow the collected rain water to run freely down pipes or the sides of the building but instead pool and seep through window or roof joineries.

The most common factor in identifying a leaky home, are water marks and paint peeling or bubbling on the ceiling, interior and exterior walls.  The smell of persistant dampness is also a sign of leaky homes.

Having indentified that your house is a leaky home, is extremely heart breaking news, we at Integrity Building Services want to help you protect all your hard earned money, and spare you from further emotional trauma. Buying your first home (or your investment) need not be rotting away because of something as simple as of the single most destructive element to a safe and dry home.

If nothing is done when a leaky home is identified, it not only devalues the house, and sometimes to the point when part of the house needs to be brought down to fix the affected area, but more importantly it poses a danger to the occupants because the structural framework could possibly collapse due to the rotting timber - and of course because of the health risks of damp and mould, especially with old people, asthmatics and children.

What can you do?   REPAIR IT NOW!!!   Before it gets worse.

Repairing a leaky home is no small feat, it is sometimes more daunting than building a new home. There are many factors to consider from architectural and structural integrity to weather tightness of the exterior. Rectification needs to ensure water does not seep back into the foundation and frames of the house while creating a circulating and dry environment to allow moisture to escape. Strict council building inspector approvals and guidelines needs to be adhered to. Also, there are many and often hidden problems and other legalities in rectifying a leaky home. Trying to repair water leaks without the right experience can often just drive the water elsewhere, resulting in new damage.

With our NZ Registered Master Builders 10 year guarantee you can rest assured that our work will be undertaken and completed with utmost care and quality assurance standards that is second to none.

Integrity Building Services has more than 12 years experience in rectifying and repairing leaky homes. We can provide you will all the necessary advice and solutions to rectify the problem.

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