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What is ... NZ Registered Master Builders?

The Registered Master Builders Federation represents New Zealand 's certified premier building and construction companies, who pride themselves on delivering the highest quality houses and buildings.

Through the 1800+ member companies, with over 15,000 employees and subcontractors, it represent upwards of 65% of every dollar spent on construction - $7.5 billion annually (out of a total construction Industry expenditure of $12 billion per year).

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With 22 regional Associations it has an unsurpassed network right throughout the country, providing leadership at both the local and national level.

The Federation has been around since 1892 - and Registered Master Builders are proud of this heritage. The members look forward to building New Zealand 's homes, offices, hospitals and schools for the next 100 years.

Always and only build with a NZ Registered Master Builders builder to ensure you get a full 7 year guarantee and also a great work ethic and sound building skills.

To find out more about NZ Registered Master Builders, please visit:

Registered Master Builders