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Renovate Your Home with Integrity ....

East_Auckland_Entrance.JPG...we are experts in small to extensive home renovations and will not let you down.

Should you move and buy a new home that will suit your changing needs, or should you renovate your existing home to let it grow with you?

If you feel comfortable in your home and want to stay in the area, the answer to needing more space may be to simply renovate your home.

Or if you are tired of the look of your home but find it otherwise pretty comfortable or practical, renovating may also be the right way to go - transform what you know to what you want.

Renovating or building, Integrity Building Services are worth talking to - with our experience and our honesty, we will probably be able to make suggestions that could get you the result you want in a better or less expensive way.

So - whether you just want to fix a crack in a wall, build a rumpus room or do a complete make-over ... whatever the reason, we will be there to help you - just contact us and see how simple and hassle-free it all can be with Integrity.

Hassle Free Projects


Our team of professional builders take pride on treating our customers with care and consideration. It is important to us that we minimise the disruption to your daily life while renovations are going on. We will also give you the best advice in project and time management to suit your deadlines and budgets.

Renovating your home with Integrity Building Services will not only help you correctly identify and rectify any problems, but our high quality workmanship and materials will guarantee that your home will be safe, future proofed and free from pesky problems for years to come, saving you money in the long term.

Having won multiple awards in extensive renovations, we can ensure that you will receive not only an innovative concept, but also a smooth and stress free process throughout the renovation period.

Leave your hassles to us ...  and contact us now!

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